I was dreaming that i was in new york and driving my bike, but then i drove through a door and then i was in paris but also in istanbull, but more paris than istanbull. I came across a kebab shop and left my bike outside and bought a kebab. When i was done eating my kebab i went out and my bike was not there. It was a white bike with white handles.

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  1. I have heard that many bike thieves in Paris (Instanbul too for that matter) will sell stolen bikes to a second hand bicycle shop in Copenhagen located near Tivoli (sometimes more close to Kastrup Airport, in which case you have to argue with some passive agressive security guards (and sometimes their dogs, flip them a finger) to let you enter the alley (it is about 20 seconds south east from the airport if you fly), and in the alley it is always night time, you will know it when you get there. Talk to the owner, he is mute, has a mustache and is quite friendly if you get to know him. Try to haggle wirh him, because he will most likely try to charge a million danish dream money). It is a stretch, but it is worth checking out. Good luck!

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