Not quite lost and not quite found

DBS lost at Reinsvoll psyk. sykehus avd. Ø1

I accidentally lost my green DBS at Øyeblikkelig Hjelp at the psyciatric hospital in Reinsvoll, Toten. While I am actually living at a rehab center treating drug addiction I cannot enter the psychiatric hospital anymore, because I am no longer psychotic, just addicted to hard drugs. The dream nurses will not let me in. Is anyone here psychotic enough to get my green DBS back? It is close to the recreational area, but just almost. Loves and hugs, Einar. PS fuck my name brother. ❤️❤️❤️

One reply to “DBS lost at Reinsvoll psyk. sykehus avd. Ø1
  1. Hi, Einar (not your name brother). My sister has a reoccurring dream where she works there. I will tell her to park the bike outside of the facility next time she has the chance. Peace

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