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Deep yogic sleep – a powerful tool?

As a yoga nidra teacher to be, I feel I have discovered a powerful tool that might help frustrated people finding stolen dreambikes. During the session, you will be guided into a condition where you are half asleep, half awake. From that point you can direct your “dream” and be able to chase the thief and get your dreambike back. Alas, due to yoga ethics you are not allowed to violently punish the thief, not even in a dream.

3 replies to “Deep yogic sleep – a powerful tool?
  1. Are you sure?
    Are yoga ethics that strict?
    Would it be possible to contemplate using mental techniques as punishment? Non violent, but still painful methods, like making the thief loose feelings of self worth and or self esteem?

  2. Of course, if you can make the thief go to a nidra session in your dream, you could manipulate the thief’s mind while he/she is in a vulnerable condition. Still not sure about the ethics, though. It might backfire on you. As I wrote – a powerful tool…

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