… the eternal cyclus of dream bikes

Did you find a bike in a dream?

Or did you lose a bike in a dream? You can tell the community about it here:


A large portion of the world’s lost or found bikes are lost or found in dreams. It’s an ongoing process. Stolen. Disappeared. Found. Then perhaps stolen again. This has been the seemingly eternal cyclus of dream bikes. Until now.

The goal of the Dream Bike Register is to solve this age-old problem. Register your bicycles, unicycles, tricycles, penny farthings or any kind of bike lost or found in dreams. Registering your dream bikes will dramatically increase the chances of getting them back. And do tell the community about it when you find bikes in your dreams.

Your found dream bike might belong to someone who is longing for it.

This is a free service. We care about your dream bikes. Not your money.


Register your bicycle:

If a box below has a thick green border — like this:      — then that means the box must be filled in. If the box does not have a thick green border, you do not have to fill it in.

For instance: there’s a box down there asking for Your Name … you don’t have to fill it in! Or you may fill it in using a dream name. Or you can use your real name. However you like it.

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