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Ring my bell!

I have this recurring dream where I lay sleepless in my bed listening for burglars tiptoeing up the driveway towards my little, yellow house, holding my breath and sharpening my ears to figure out if they have reached the door on the seaside of my humble dwelling (an area uncovered by the municipal street lighting, making it the Mecca/Eden of burglary), anticipating to hear squeeking hinges at any given moment. I live in a small community on the West coast of Norway, and around here one does not lock any doors – not even when there’s a bicycle of significant affection value hidden behind that door. This particular bike, I imagine, is a typical classic woman’s vehicle that was given to me as a friendly gesture from a Moroccan acquaintance who stumbled over it in a container in the harbour of Antwerp and shipped it off towards my residence in a brown glass bottle. So I guess what I’m asking is that if any of you happen to come across either the thieves rushing away on my stolen bicycle or you get the bike-in-a-bottle caught in your fishing net, please ring the big metal bell attached to the right handlebar to wake me up!

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