Not quite lost and not quite found

Two possibly lost (displaced) unicycles

A dream in a hotel: Me and my wife lived in some kind of Spain and the national gallery was situated at high altitude on a mountain top and I cycled there on my unicycle with a 36 inch wheel. I was a very good unicyclist, I could easily idle and I could turn by just spinning around my own ax and just continue cycling. I went up the mountain but noticed I had taken my baby son with me. He is sixteen irl, but in the dream he was a baby. I couldn’t have him with me into the museum because I was going to do some important research, so I placed him in a kindergarden in a restaurant in the same building as the museum.
Then I forgot about him and I also forgot about the bike, and I was home again and there was some sexual content (sensured), but than I took my other unicycle (29 inch wheel) up the mountain to get my son, but I was very conflicted going up there, because I realized I had the other bike up there, and my son, so there was going to be trouble getting all of this down again.
I found my son in the kindergarden and he had developed rather positively and everybody loved him. But then we were home again, and the bikes were not. So now I worry that I forgot both my unicycles at the Spanish national gallery on top of the mountain.

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